About Andre Farr

1392408881_228ce2aAs the Chairman and CEO of the Black Sports Agents Association (BSAA), André Farr developed his interest in the sports and entertainment industry while attending the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). As a student, he promoted several events for Greek organizations, as well as entertainers such as MC Hammer. This passion for entertainment led him to his career path, and he quickly joined Stanley and Associates upon his graduation. While working at the sports management firm, André Farr produced a Draft Party for Keyshawn Johnson at the House of Blues, where he met the House of Blues’ founder and subsequently became a partner and principal owner.

André Farr first made a name for himself as the CEO and president of House of Blues Sports. He then accepted the position of chairman and CEO for BSAA. Through his role, he promotes the implementation of higher integrity standards for sports professionals and athletes, as well as improved representation of African-American and female athletes.

His commitment to helping others led to his involvement in City Youth Exposure and the Disciplined Respected Entrepreneurs Program. It also led to his founding of the Bruin Leadership Athletic Alumni Council. In his free time, André Farr enjoys traveling, specifically to the island of Capri.


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