How to Support City Youth Exposure

A sports entertainment and management professional, Andre Farr is the chairman and CEO of the Black Sports Agents Association. Andre Farr leverages more than two decades of experience in sports entertainment to assist local nonprofit organizations, such as City Youth Exposure, with community support and fundraising.

Established in 2011 by Layah Willis, City Youth Exposure aims to help at-risk children overcome personal challenges to achieve success in academia, career, and life. This mission is realized by providing youth access to people, places, and resources they are not normally exposed to. As a result, the connections made and experiences gained empower the children to dream big and to work toward achieving their personal goals.

To continue its mission, City Youth Exposure relies on the generosity of donors and supporters. Monetary contributions can be made on its website,, in any amount. In addition, City Youth Exposure is part of the and programs. gives people the option to shop through its site at popular retailers, such as Macy’s and the MLB Store, and to donate a portion of the proceeds from their purchase to City Youth Exposure. At no cost, provides a Yahoo-powered search engine for visitors to locate websites and information online. Every time a person uses the search engine, a penny is donated to charities and nonprofits.


City Youth Exposure Takes Students to Southern California Power Plant

A partner at TEAM Services Corporation in Los Angeles, André Farr is a seasoned sports and entertainment executive with more than two decades of experience. Outside of his professional activities, André Farr supports the work of several youth-oriented organizations and serves as chairman of the board of directors of City Youth Exposure, a Southern California-based nonprofit that creates positive experiences for children living in inner-city communities.

One of City Youth Exposure’s recent events took 10 students to Southern California Edison’s Mountainview Generating Station in Redlands. While there, the seventh- and eighth-graders from La Tijera K-8 School learned about power generation and the history of the Mountainview station, which is the first power plant to be built in the Los Angeles Basin in the last 30 years.

The small group of students was also given insight into the plant’s efficiency and how it manages to distribute power to businesses and private residences throughout Southern California. In addition, the students explored career opportunities in the fields of science and engineering. The one-of-a-kind experience was made possible through the generous support of City Youth Exposure board members and Southern California Edison employees.