Two Exceptional Attractions of Capri, Italy

A partner at TEAM Services Corp., Andre Farr enjoys spending his spare time traveling around the world. Among his favorite destinations is Italy. Andre Farr has enjoyed taking in the culture and scenery on the island of Capri.

Known for its picturesque views and blue oceans, the island of Capri attracts an estimated quarter of a million vacationers per year. Visitors can enjoy sites like the island’s famed Faraglioni, ranked the number-one attraction by TripAdvisor. These rock formations jut up high into the air from the sea, and the largest is over 300 feet high. Comprising three pinnacles, the site is located on the southeastern corner of Capri. The Scopolo faraglioni is the only habitat in the world for a particular small blue lizard.

The Marina Piccola is a popular Capri destination for beachgoers. With a view of the Faraglioni, the beach is located on the south side of the island and is sheltered by a wall of rock, which keeps it warm year-round. People are often found sunbathing in and out of the water during the middle of winter. The best time to enjoy the beach is earlier in the day, before the sun sets at 4 pm.